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Cart – flicking!!

05/29/2009 8 comments

So this morning I was at Target to pick up a couple of sleepwear for the boy, since he has grown out of his old ones. Yoohoo! I never thought I would say that, what with the rate at which he was growing. A millimeter a year…both horizontally and vertically, whereas me, I was growing in leaps and bounds horizontally. Ok! since we aren’t talking about me, lets get back on track. As I was saying, I was shopping at Target. For night clothes. For the boy. And then, some nice summer stuff…tees and shorts. Some cool stuff actually. Did you know, that the Target in my neighborhood runs out of boy stuff pretty soon, and their reasoning is that there are a lot of little boys…though I see a lot of girls in the ‘hood. Anyways, so I had this cart full of some great things, for the boy and some random stuff. Can one really come out of Target, with just the things they want? Really?

And then, I stopped for a minute at the ready to wear stuff for women. Really I was just there for say 2-3 mins, when I turned to check if my cart is still around, and what do you think? It was GONE! GONE! Like, GONE! Annoying. So I asked a store clerk who was near by and she offered to walk around the store, to look for it. And she did for a good 20mins and I looked in another direction. And it was no where to be found. Can you believe that? I mean, it is clothes…you could really just walk to the aisle and pick them out. Not rocket science. And it is not like Target is doing a closing out sale.

So, I walked the entire store and came back to where we started and in that exact same location, I found an empty cart. Guest service and restocking departments were called via the walkie talkie and checked with…zilch. No cart with toddler stuff turned up. I was/am pissed…I spent a good 1hr picking out those things…and when one shop’s, it is also very personal…I mean, there I was, standing with a smile on my face, each time, I found a cute piece, mentally dressing the boy in it and admiring him. So it becomes very personal right? And now, someone walked away with all my stuff. Cheap!

If that someone liked my choice in clothes, then they could enlisted my help and I would have done it gladly..and free of charge too. Now that I think about it, maybe I should contact stores and apply for a personal shopper position. At least I will get paid and not end up feeling annoyed. After all that searching, I just rolled another cart and went and re-shopped. But it is not the same, isn’t?

My question to the person, who could have “accidentally” rolled my cart away…do you not check the cart or not even look into it and realize that those are not yours? Since there was another cart standing at the exact same location as where I had left it, I am assuming that another guest rolled it away. Note the big difference….mine was filled with clothes, gift bags (they were on sale), some other random stuff…and yours was, EMPTY! Nothing in it! How could you have mistaken the carts? How????? Darn it.

You might ask, why it is such a big deal, if I had re-shopped. Well, for one, Naren is a teeny tiny thing and to come across clothes that are cute and fits well, is kind of difficult. And I couldn’t find a cute short that I had initially taken…there was just that one piece on the the shelf, in that particular size and now, I came home, without that. I could console myself saying,I saved about $10, by not buying it. But I loved that short, the minute I saw it. Moving on…I spent an hour of my morning shopping, and for some one to roll it away just like that…is ANNOYING and FRUSTRATING!

A great start to the weekend, eh? But the husband promised to accompany me to Target this weekend, since we need to shop for some baby clothes, for children of some friends and relatives. Did I tell you that my bro and his wife are expecting their second child? No? They are. And some stuff need to bought for the child and not to forget the first born too.

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What blogger can do!

05/27/2009 1 comment

People have been asking if Blogger can actually delete a blog without prior notice. Yes, they definitely can do that.  A few scenarios that can lead to a blog being deleted are:

1. Someone has to report your blog (anonymously) as spam-my, bearing content that is unsuitable/unacceptable. Blogger will delete your blog, without informing you of the action. They are not entitled to explain their action. By the time, you figure out that your blog is down and you track down the problem, the 24hr deadline might have crossed and the blog will be lost forever.

2. Blogger does this automatic checking of all the blogs to check for spam and due to false positives, your blog maybe deleted, ending being unrecoverable. No matter what you do…even stand on your head, your blog would have disappeared.

Solution: Back up. Save your posts on your laptop. Or a dedicated harddrive.  Nothing else.

Have fun blogging all!

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Memoirs of a Geisha

05/22/2009 8 comments

I am sure many have read this book and many more have seen the movie, but I only recently chanced upon the book in the library. I saw the movie, say about 2-3months back and it didn’t leave much of a lasting impression…though it did for a small time. But the book in itself, which I just finished reading has left such an impression, that I am sure that I won’t forget about it for a very long time.

Nitta Sayuri, the central character of this book, tells the story as she sees it. The characters though fictional, feel very real. It may have to do with how the author begins the story that may have created that illusion, but the characters come alive in his vivid description and story telling. He goes into such beautiful description about each and every thing…explaining elaborately the various aspects of a geisha’s life. When Sayuri, tells the Chairman in the end, that the only aim in her life after having met him for the very first time in her life, was for her destiny to be interwined with his and him, the novel becomes a classic love story.

Though the book was lovely to read, it did leave a melancholy feeling or rather has left me anxious…for reasons unknown to me. I guess I was far too involved in the reading of the book. After reading the book, I feel that the movie has captured only about 75% of the books real flavor yet at the time, I watched it I was so very moved by it. I mean to say that the author has a wonderful way of spell binding his readers, in the way he writes, drawing us deep into the contents and unconsiously making us see the events, just as one would have been a part of it and not just reading about it. And this is his very first literary work! I am amazed.

Nitta Sayuri will remain in my memory forever and for that I think, I am going to get my own copy of the book. It has been a very long time, since a book has affected me this largerly and I think the last book that I loved so much was “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

If you haven’t read the book, go grab a copy and read it…I am sure, you will love it or even turn teary eyed, just as I am. I can’t wait for the husband to come home, so I can download it upon him too….I mean what I feel. He doesn’t read books.

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05/22/2009 10 comments

This for now seems be the new home, since for some unknown reason, Blogger deleted my blog at blogspot. I am yet to receive an explanation from them, as to why it has happened. Let’s see! But, I thought about moving from Blogger to WordPress for a long time anyways, and this happened. Only worry, all my posts there is now gone…poof! into thin air…I mean it was only 53 posts, yet they were 53 posts…you know. I mean I did spend a bit of time writing those…I guess, now I have to have some form of offline backup…so what do you people do? How do you backup your posts?

So make yourself comfortable around here and do give your feedback on anything that you may feel may improve this page.

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