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What blogger can do!

People have been asking if Blogger can actually delete a blog without prior notice. Yes, they definitely can do that.  A few scenarios that can lead to a blog being deleted are:

1. Someone has to report your blog (anonymously) as spam-my, bearing content that is unsuitable/unacceptable. Blogger will delete your blog, without informing you of the action. They are not entitled to explain their action. By the time, you figure out that your blog is down and you track down the problem, the 24hr deadline might have crossed and the blog will be lost forever.

2. Blogger does this automatic checking of all the blogs to check for spam and due to false positives, your blog maybe deleted, ending being unrecoverable. No matter what you do…even stand on your head, your blog would have disappeared.

Solution: Back up. Save your posts on your laptop. Or a dedicated harddrive.  Nothing else.

Have fun blogging all!

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  1. 06/03/2009 at 8:45 am

    Can you explain how to save it. I have about 100 blogs in Yahoo 360 and recently yahoo announced they are going to close the whole Y360 and given a deadline if i want to save it.

    Is it possible to save as it is in html format?? or Do i need to copy paste elsewhere? If possible mail me at maddybedford@gmail.com

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