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Of balls and….er, read on.

06/16/2009 15 comments

Last evening, I was cooking, while the boy was playing, stopping from time to time, to say something to me. Most of the talk centered around Thomas and friends (that in itself requires a separate post), and I as usual was tuning that particular topic out, ‘coz we hear a lot….I mean a LOT of Thomas this and Thomas that. As I was saying, I was tuning him out and concentrating on the potatoes, which if not continuously monitored, I will allow it turn to ash. He was saying something and because of my stupidity, it sort of went out of bounds. Here is the conversation:

N  : “Amma, ennoda breast kutti kutti ah irrukku”  (My breasts are small)

Me: “Hmmm” (First mistake….I didn’t listen).

Silence for a couple of minutes…the boy rolled away in his motor powered bike.

N: ” Amma…..I love you”.

Me: “Me too baby”

N: “Amma….Thomas breast enga?” (Where is Thomas’s breasts?)

Me: (Still stirring the potato) “Anga thaan irrukkum…poi paaru” (second mistake…I still wasn’t listening) (It should be there…go check)

N : “Ok”

Yet another couple of minutes pass by in silence and I was checking on the sambar.

N: “Amma….unga breast big ah big ah ball mathiri irrukku” (Your breasts look like big balls).

Me: (Mind on a lot of things, suddenly realized what he is talking about and screeches to a halt) “Ennathu? Enna pesara? Amma pathi antha marthiri pesa koodathu…ok?” (What? What are you talking about? You can’t talk this way about Amma).

N: “Ok Amma…sorry.” Without missing a beat, he says this:

“Miss H kku small ball ball mathiri breast irrukku” (Miss H, has small breasts)

Me: “Naren…will you stop that nonsense and go away. Miss H pathi antha mathiri ellam pesa koodathu. Actually, yaarayum pathi antha mathiri pesa koodathu”. (Naren, you can’t talk that way about Miss H or anyone else for that matter).

When I reported this incident to the husband later that evening, he actually  was rolling with laughter and then claimed it was a guy thing (whatever dude) and that it is just the beginning of this obsession and that I should learn to handle this with much more grace. But for me, what came to mind was this,

” Murugaaa! Kali muthidichu da” in MSV’s voice in Kaadala Kaadala. (Lord Muruga! What is the world coming to?)

PS: Should I worry much about this or just treat it as some baby banter? What should I do people? What would you have done?



06/10/2009 2 comments

So I finally finished the shopping for welcoming the new baby…that is the brother’s baby. I just need to pack and send it out tomorrow. I have been doing this shopping for almost a month now…picking up a pack of socks here, a cute onsie pack there, a pretty dress now and a pack of home wear clothes and so on. Finally I promised B, to be done today and then to be shipped tomorrow.

When I was shopping, I had this totally weird thing happen to me. Looking at all those clothes, I wanted to have a another child myself. I mean this thought was so strong that I totally forgot about all the things that happened when I had Naren. This feeling shocked me so much, that I had to sit down for a few minutes. Now I know that there is no question about “if” I wanted another child. It’s just a matter of the timing. Naren is almost 3…so another year or 2 maybe.

When we were in India, many people (relatives) would say, ” Don’t stop with just one child, like your sister did. Have another…they will need each other, later on in life”. I would just shrug it off and say, “Hmm, let me think about it”. But now I know for sure.  They will be happy when I say this to them, because I now know that it was for the best of my child. My parents had 4 children and my Uncle 5. I always wondered, if it was for status symbol that they had so many children..but I guess not. The more the merrier, no? Let’s see what God has in store for us.


Will post pic of the care package in the next post.

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