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Memories from the ’80s

09/17/2009 17 comments

Recently my brother took a trip to India with his little daughter and brought back one very beautiful memory with him. It is a picture of a picture from the ’80s with all of us kids and our mom, taken in the most favorite place on earth…the house that we lived in, until I was about 10yrs. Though I don’t remember my early days in it, I do remember some funny incidents and all the fun and play we had in it. Until we moved to the current house my dad still lives in, we did not own a TV and I think those were the most happiest days  I remember as a family. It is very ironic that I associate the TV to the most happiest and most shocking days of my life (more about this later). I always have a smile on my face when I think of that house, though when compared to the current life that I lead, it seems very backward and simple yet very happy. How I miss that house. Anyways, I share the photo with you all.


 Childhood memory

Photo info : L-R: Brother, Mom, Elder brother with none other than me as a baby on his lap, Sister.

I thank my brother for this photo and I can’t wait to share it with Naren (with details) when he can understand it. He saw it and refused to believe that it is me…he thinks it is him!!!


The alphabet tag

09/12/2009 3 comments

My very first tag in the new blog and has anyone noticed that there aren’t many tags going around these days as they used to be? Or did I miss anything? Anyways, for this tag, I thank dear Trish and she says, do it using  “the first alphabet of your child’s name”. Since my child’s name starts with “N”, here we go….

1. What is your(child’s) name: Naren

2. A four Letter Word: Need (which is the word of choice these days at home for the 3yr old)

3. A boy’s Name: Naren

4. A girl’s Name: Niveditha/Nakshathra

5. An occupation: Nurse

6. A color: Navy blue/Neon pink or green

7. Something you wear: Necklace

8. A food: Nachos/Noodles/Nuggets.

9. Something found in the bathroom: Nail file

10. A place:New Zealand

11. A reason for being late: Not enough sleep/ Naren was crying (this one sounds more plausible)

12. Something you shout: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (this was the easiest)

13. A movie title: Naan Kadavul

14. Something you drink: Neer more (watered down buttermilk – room temp please on a hot sunny day).

15. A musical group: Am going to say songs instead…Nakka Mukka from Kadhalil Vizhunthen (it was a fav of the boy when he was in India).

16. An animal: Narwhal(I learnt this name from the boy….didn’t know, infact never heard of it before).

17. A Street name: Northup Way

18. A type of car: Nissan

19. A song title: Narumugaiye narumugaiye from the movie Iruvar.

20. A verb: Negotiate (which is what we do all the time in our house).

Let’s see…who should I tag??? How about



This tag wasn’t as easy to complete…somethings Iwas stumped. Has to google some of them for ideas.

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Pure magic…

09/02/2009 4 comments

…is when an almost 3yr old jumps up with glee and shouts, “Rajini uncle” upon seeing the Superstar’s song and imitating his style. I swear we did not influence him in any which way…just allowed him to watch the video after he had listened to the audio many times. When he saw the song he asked who the person in it was and I mentioned Rajini’s name and there is no looking back at the way the boy looks at him with such adoring eyes. Wow! I was totally blown away by this adoration simply because of the way the man can influence even an almost 3yr old. Purely magic!!!!

Here’s the video: