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Growing up to be….

10/24/2009 4 comments

A week after the little guy turned 3, the little guy put his stethoscope around his neck and proclaimed, “Naan biiiiiiiiiiigggg boy aaanna aprome, Dr.A mathiri, Dr. Naren agaporaen”. (When I am a big boy, I will be Dr.Naren, like Dr. A- his peds).

Approximately 12hrs passed and this time he made another proclamation. “Naan biiiiiiiiiiigggg boy aaanna aprome, Policeman aagi, Arj, Ank a nalla adi adi podaporaen.” (When I am a big boy, I will a Policeman and I will beat up Arj and Ank –  2 of his classmates, who recently had an altercation with the boy. He has been thought that only Policemen have the rights to beat up other people, especially when someone commits a mistake. I see that the lesson has been well imbibed).

My heart is swelling with pride, that it could blast out any moment now. I see my duties very clearly cut out for me since this seems to be the stage when he can understand that he can be whatever he well pleases to be and I have to introduce him to a lot of professions out there.


The little boy who turned 3!

10/21/2009 11 comments

Yes and so he did. On the 19th. Nothing fancy since he had already celebrated his turning 3 on Diwali day amidst a gathering of friends who included Kodi’s mom with Kodi, Plane and Bappa and of course Saranya and Arun. Thank you to both for making it a good party.

What has changed? He has turned into this amazingly talkative child in a matter of a couple of months and the things that he can talk about, baffles me to no end. His teacher(s) comment about his dramatic improvement in his vocabulary and I do have to agree with them. It’s too much man on somedays. He is also developing to be a very sensitive, observant, loving child. I am not sure, if this sensitivity is common of this age, but, it is both heartwarming and heartbreaking depending upon the situation. He has also started to keep his love for other people to himself and pretends that he is all mature and not into expressing his love and yet at times, it overfills him, that it has to come gushing out that it can topple you over. Yep! He gets all physical with his love….he will come running to you to give you the best of the hug and kiss. He can also let you know what he is thinking without air brushing it. Like when his class teacher was playing an alphabet game int he class, he sat in his chair and observed her for a whole minute or 2 and proclaimed, “Silly Ms.J” with all the head shaking accompanied. Now, that is his favorite word…anything you do, you will be called silly and to your face. All I can do is, roll my eyes behind his back and ask him to please not say that.  Other than these, he loves to draw….balloons and only balloons. Depending on his mood, they either have a sad, happy or frowny face. And he is writing N for Naren…upside down. Hey! he is trying at least 🙂  Eating…let’s not even go there. Because then it will be time for su-su and potty or tummy aches that can never be treated, even by his Dr.A. Enough said, huh? This phase shall pass too.  His school has started a music, art and worship day. For the first time yesterday, he sang the Do re me….and pretended to play the hand bells. That was very moving to hear him sing. As for worship, he is doing alright there. The only prayer that has stuck with him is the “Thank you for the food we eat”. Isn’t it ironical?  The other thing that  is, he is starting to worry a lot about what he wears. He has this pre conceived notion about which clothes are to be worn at home, to school, to the temple, to parties and so on…right down to the underwear. And you change one thing, and he will make sure you change it to his liking, with all that it takes…be it whining or crying or lovingly. And he will make sure to call me silly.

Now, did you think for a minute what an angel of a child he is? Wait, wait…I won’t allow you to leave this page, without you knowing about his other face. It’s terrible and scary. In just a matter of a second, he can transform into this uncontrollable, fiery tempered moron, who will bring the roof down with this screaming and back to his normal self (if you can call it that). All in the bat of an eyelid. Especially in the public. We are dealing with this nonsense. Sometimes, gently and sometimes the time honored way of a whack on his bottom.

No matter the temper tantrums or his pretending to be sick in the middle of a meal time, he is the one child (brat?) that I have been bestowed upon with. And he and I share this bond, that I do not want to share with anyone, including his Appa. This is our special bond, despite the quarrels (of course we do) and raised voices and silent tears and “I don’t like/love you’s”  the love I have for him is immeasurable. Children have a way of showing you that you can love someone unconditionally and be loved back a 1000 fold. I am not good with words when it comes to Naren, but, he is an amazing child who is teaching me so many new things and to look at this world through a set of new eyes. With him, every single day is a view through a kaleidoscope…..colourful and different with each turn. I leave you with a recent pic, since the camera is with a friend and will upload the photos soon.

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