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Live art

11/19/2009 9 comments

Any form of live art such as pottery making, painting and so on can mesmerize me. The new addition to this being, Sand Art. Wow! I am not sure if this has been around a while now, but for me it is absolutely new and as I said, mesmerizing. I can spend hours together watching videos of this performing art. I know dance and singing can also be included in the category of performing arts, but for me personally, it is not as moving as seeing something like this kind of art. I think it is seeing something come alive, giving some form to something as common as sand and spinning a tale out of it, that creates the magic. I took a course on Pottery making in the community college some 5yrs back and one of my most favorite part of the class was observing the instructor throw the clay on the wheel. Creating a form out of a blob of clay was something that made me happy every time. I can’t put down that feeling in words really. Happy comes close to what I felt, but not close enough. When I tried my hand at the wheel….well, lets save that story for another rainy day. I have linked the video of this amazing woman, who’s hands will have to be preserved in nothing but the most luxurious silk and gold and satin and pearls and anything else that will do justice. Her hands move like magic, and she creates beautiful stories..though many of them are about happiness and the ravages of the war, I love the way she creates form after form. Enjoy the video as much as I did! And I hope I can see Kseniya Simonova perform live one day.

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Vanity fair?

As we were getting ready for school one dull grey morning, I asked the boy to come brush his teeth. After the usual biggu/alatal, the boy finally did the task with as much paste being ingested rather than brushed with. Then I washed his face which was followed by a shriek, that jolted the bones into their rightful place in the body and chased any lingering sleep/fog in the brain to any where they can go hide.

Me: “Ethukku ippadi katharey?” (Why are you screaming?)

Naren: “Amma, ethukku face wash pannareenga ennakku?” (Amma, why are you washing my face?)

Me: “Enn?”  (Why?)

Naren: “Ennakku face wash panna, naan urrugi poiduven” (If you wash my face then won’t I melt away?)

Me: ***Has a totally stupid look on my face**** “Huh?”

Naren: “Apparom, naan ugly ah irrukamaatena?” (Won’t I then be ugly?) All of his conversations were accompanied by a whine that would have given a violin a run for what it was worth.

I didn’t know how to respond to this, and just force washed the boy’s face and got him ready for school. I still have a stupid look on my face whenever I recall the conversation. Man, vanity surely doesn’t have an age bar, does it????

Future plans are very clear

11/03/2009 4 comments

That is so.  For the 3yr old boy who lives with us. On Saturday, which was Halloween day, late in the evening, I asked the boy to march upstairs for his pre-bed bath. He refused (obviously). When asked why, he said, he wanted to watch the movie on TV…which we refused(obviously) since it was the scary kind, that will for sure, make the boy squeeze out pee in the bed. After 5mins of haggling and threatening the boy walked upstairs (since this is not a democracy, he had no choice, right from the start of this conversation), and while in the tub, declared so.

” Amma, I am 3 now. When I am a biiiiggg boy, I will watch all the scary movies and become strong (flexing his arms for added drama and effect) and you will not say anything then. Ok?” I did not answer, but did you think that stopped the boy for a min?  Nope. Not at all. He went, “OK???” for the next 10mins, until he squeezed out the OK from my mouth. Little does he know, that it will still not be a democracy, even 10yrs down the line 🙂