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Future plans are very clear

11/03/2009 4 comments

That is so.  For the 3yr old boy who lives with us. On Saturday, which was Halloween day, late in the evening, I asked the boy to march upstairs for his pre-bed bath. He refused (obviously). When asked why, he said, he wanted to watch the movie on TV…which we refused(obviously) since it was the scary kind, that will for sure, make the boy squeeze out pee in the bed. After 5mins of haggling and threatening the boy walked upstairs (since this is not a democracy, he had no choice, right from the start of this conversation), and while in the tub, declared so.

” Amma, I am 3 now. When I am a biiiiggg boy, I will watch all the scary movies and become strong (flexing his arms for added drama and effect) and you will not say anything then. Ok?” I did not answer, but did you think that stopped the boy for a min?  Nope. Not at all. He went, “OK???” for the next 10mins, until he squeezed out the OK from my mouth. Little does he know, that it will still not be a democracy, even 10yrs down the line 🙂



Pure magic…

09/02/2009 4 comments

…is when an almost 3yr old jumps up with glee and shouts, “Rajini uncle” upon seeing the Superstar’s song and imitating his style. I swear we did not influence him in any which way…just allowed him to watch the video after he had listened to the audio many times. When he saw the song he asked who the person in it was and I mentioned Rajini’s name and there is no looking back at the way the boy looks at him with such adoring eyes. Wow! I was totally blown away by this adoration simply because of the way the man can influence even an almost 3yr old. Purely magic!!!!

Here’s the video:

The weekend

08/31/2009 6 comments

We watched 2 movies over this weekend…if you are thinking that we don’t do anything better….no, we were watching it in bits and pieces for a week almost and finally finished it this weekend. Saw “Seven Pounds” and “Kandasamy”.

Seven Pounds –  Starring Will Smith, it is the story of a man who commits suicide as redemption for an earlier act of his, which results in the death of 7 people. So he sets out to find 7 other deserving people to receive his body parts and in the process kind of falls in love with a woman to whom he gives away his heart – literally. She receives his heart, ‘coz her’s is failing. A slightly disturbing kind of movie, since I am not a big supporter of suicide, whatever the reason. At least the directors, opted to kill Smith using his pet jelly fish and not in a gruesome manner. That was the only saving grace in my opinion. Otherwise, an OK movie, though the timing of the release of the movie intrigues me. It was released mid Dec ’08 which happens to be the holiday season and has a high suicide rate around that time. To release such a movie then I think was irresponsible.

Kandasamy – what can I say? This much….we personally felt that Shreya should have been the one in the rooster/hen costume, since she had everything to her advantage – haircut, looks and such. But, I do love her complexion… the songs were a total hit even before the movie was released. We were watching the “Allegra” song, when Naren looked up for a few seconds and said, “Amma, unga dress bigga irrukku. Allegra auntykku konjam kudunga” (Amma your dress is big. Give a part of it to Allegra aunty). That should say it all I guess. Another irresponsible movie, which I personally think is very much in the league of Shankar’s movies like Gentleman, Sivaji, Mudalvan(?) and Anniyan.

Did some retail therapy. Bought some clothes for myself and absolutely nothing for the hubby and child. This was for me and only me. I mean I buy clothes once a year or so, after I clean out my old ones. It is a good feeling to buy new ones. Am still looking for a good pair of footwear. I have a few specifications and so far none matches it. I will continue to look.

Cleaned the house a good deal. Our bedroom, Naren’s room, all bathrooms and the kitchen are clean. I still have one more bedroom and the living room to deal with. These 2 are totally not under my jurisdiction as of now.  We laid out the bath mats to air out in the sun and since it was warm and sunny, we had left the back door open and I think sometime in the afternoon, the neighbors cat, walked into the house and found a cozy corner in the dark bedroom. We didn’t see or hear the thing. After we got done with dinner and cleaned out and were spacing out, out of the corner of my eyes, saw a black shape slithering and I for a minute thought it was a snake. My screams should have flushed out the entire neighborhood, if not for the closed windows. Man…the next 30mins were pure torture with the cat hiding out in the unlikeliest spaces possible and Bala trying to shoo it out, with me screaming (I don’t like cats…never liked them…never ever) and in all this confusion Naren wet his pants and wanted to be taken care of immediately. Not knowing where the darn cat was, I couldn’t move or shut up. Finally Bala found the thing curled up under the guest room cot and shooed it away with a broom stick. If only I can lay my hands on it.

Anyways, that was the weekend and am glad it was interesting and not bland. I hope all you people had a good weekend and got around to doing some fun stuff. We are having some last few weeks of sunshine and planning on absorbing as much Vit D as possible and then it will all be gone, until next year.

And of course, it was my birthday last week. I am now officially 29yrs of age. B bought home a surprise cake, which the boy bored holes into with his fingers and when I did get to cut it, it was like Swiss cheese on the inside. He also promptly took away the card and the money in it and claimed it was his and when I asked him later, what his gift was for me, he said “I gave you the money, no?” Tut, tut. What a child. We also went for a dinner, though I didn’t want to since it being a weekday and all…but B insisted and so we went….a not so quiet dinner, with the boy announcing loudly to everyone who cared to listen that is was my birthday and that they should sing for me. Luckily that was prevented and we rushed through it and made it home, with his dinner in a box. In hindsight, I guess, I should have been happy, but I now am thinking about the innocence of the little heart.

Please do pray for something for us. We are facing some unsure situation as of now and when it is alright, I will let you know it is about…but, I will say one thing. It is NOT about babies. Something else. Send a prayer when you have a second and for that I will eternally be thankful.