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Well…hello after a very long time!

06/04/2010 5 comments

Many fellow bloggers have dropped subtle and not so subtle hints recently, about updating this page. Me? I always promised myself to drop in a line, but never did it, until now. Sorry to all those who have patiently come by and checked this page for updates. I don’t who those 21 people are who stop by and check this page almost everyday, but to them I am extremely thankful.

The reason blogging took a back seat was because, I am actively job hunting which so far has been not so fruitful due to my very limited work experience, before I decided to quit the job in 2006. And of course a gap in employment history doesn’t act in one’s favor too. So I am going to be plogging along looking for something to work out. So until then remember me in your prayers.

Homefront is still the same. Nothing remarkable has happened..yet. As for Naren…well let’s just say, the little said the better 🙂 Honestly, I don’t know where to begin with regards to his tremendous “growth”. The questions (ah those….parents, I am sure you know all about it) are endless, mind boggling many a time, downright silly and most of all funny! His take on things are amazing and makes you wonder about it. 

Kodi’s mom moved to Seattle, and we have now met about 4-5 times (KM if you are reading, correct me if I am wrong) and in her opinion, Naren is a sweet boy and not at all who I project him to be. Well, she hasn’t seen enough of him yet. Naren and Kodi have taken to each other quiet well, with Naren calling Kodi as Anna and Plane papa as Baby. Many days, when he returns home from school the drama begins in this way..

“Amma, I love Kodi anna and he is very good. I loooooooovvvvveeee him and want to play with him. Please can we go to their house? I will share all my things with Baby too…pleeeeeaasssee Amma.”

Throw in a lot of exaggerations in the mix and will tell you why I call this a drama…but I am glad they are cool with each other. Another blogger I met a few times now is Saranya. Let me tell you..she and her hubby are one of the most coolest, down to earth people (so is KM) and Saranya, I am still drooling over those potatoes you made…tried to recreate it and while it came close to yours, it just wasn’t the same. I am glad to have known you both through this blog world. Thank you ladies!

Preschool is fast coming to an end in another 2 weeks after which we are flying out to NJ to spend a couple of weeks with my brother and his family. This will be the first time, the cousins get to meet each other and they are all super excited about it. Planning is already under way to fight a lot, slap each other, hug and kiss and what not. I am looking forward to this meet. Life will be pretty exciting those couple of weeks.

Ok…this is the update in a nutshell. Will come back as soon as possible. In the meantime, stick around and keep well. I have been following many of my favorite blogs and it is good to be in the know. Ta ta for now! and have fun.